Óptica No. 3  Óptica  is a photo...

Óptica No. 3

Óptica is a photo publication that brings into close contact the beautiful and critical work of lens-based artists and photographers creating images from a complex personhood and distinct vantage point. The project is designed to share these works in a tactile and intimate manner with the hands and homes of our communities.

Editors: Arlene Mejorado + Jessy Castillo
Design: ESTE 

Amarise Carreras
Erina Alejo
Jen Everett
kelechi agwuncha
Mengwen Cao
Stine Danielle
Published November 2022, softcover. 44 pages. Printed and bound in Southern California.

All funds support the sustainability of Óptica + ESTE.

 Óptica No. 2  Óptica , spotlights the work...

Óptica No. 2

Óptica, spotlights the work of Black, Indigenous, womxn of color, and gender-non-conforming image-makers informed by a complex personhood and identity. The zine is designed to place printed images in the hands of our communities in an accessible and affordable manner. The 2021 edition brings together both the timely and timeless work of photographers connecting narratives across geographies and genres. Óptica celebrates image makers who are redefining photography as a practice and shaping its trajectory.

editors: Arlene Mejorado + Jessy Castillo
design: ESTE 

Amelia Berumen
Andrea Morales
Courtney Desiree Morris
dana washington-queen
Desilu Muñoz
Ebony Bailey
Irene Antonia Diane Reece
Isabel Avila
Julie Leopo
Mariana Werneck
Star Montana
Tahila Mintz 

2021 edition published June 2021, softcover. 64 pages.
Printed and bound in Los Angeles, Calif.

Arlene Mejorado

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